Nhà Sản phẩmMáy làm giày nhựaNew Full automatic Indoor Disposable Shoes Cover Making Machine
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New Full automatic Indoor Disposable Shoes Cover Making Machine

New Full automatic Indoor Disposable Shoes Cover Making Machine
New Full automatic Indoor Disposable Shoes Cover Making Machine New Full automatic Indoor Disposable Shoes Cover Making Machine New Full automatic Indoor Disposable Shoes Cover Making Machine New Full automatic Indoor Disposable Shoes Cover Making Machine

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Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:

Nguồn gốc: Trung Quốc
Hàng hiệu: GOODPLUS
Chứng nhận: CE
Số mô hình: GD-400

Thanh toán:

Số lượng đặt hàng tối thiểu: 1 tập
chi tiết đóng gói: Vỏ gỗ
Thời gian giao hàng: 7-10 NGÀY / BỘ
Điều khoản thanh toán: L/c, T/T, Western Union
Khả năng cung cấp: 5 THÁNG / THÁNG
Chi tiết sản phẩm
Vật chất: Nhựa Kích thước máy: 1500mm * 1500mm * 1700mm
sản lượng: 150-170 chiếc / phút Quyền lực: 220v / 380v
Trọng lượng: 750kg Điện năng tiêu thụ: 3,5kw
Kích thước sản phẩm hoàn thành: 400 * 160mm hoặc tùy chỉnh Máy vật liệu: Sắt
Điểm nổi bật:

shoe cover making machine


disposable shoe cover making machine

2019 New Full automatic Indoor Disposable Shoe Cover Making Machine


Plastic shoe cover machine

Fully automatic high speed disposable plastic shoes cover making machine is the ideal machine to make shoes cover. SJ2019 new model is of high output, stable performance, easy operation and low space occupation.


Machine advantage:

After years research and development, goodplus machinery has change some spec on machine for better working.

  • Change the old motor transmit system to reduction gear motor. Which makes machine work more stable.
  • With inverter to control speed, easy operation, high output and low power consumption.
  • Upgrade the two side elastic seal. Make it seal without non-woven, make products low cost, but make machine more efficient and higher output.
  • Upgrade the new heating system. Adopts rotary collector ring for heating, prevent people from dangerous of electric exposure.
  • New system make elastic seal strong.



1, High output, occupying little space
2, Controlled by computer program and inspected by photoelectric detector with high reliability and excellent performance
3, Automatic tension control and adjustable electric hot melting
4, Fashionable appearance of end products
5, Steel plate structure for the entire machine
6, Applicable film: PE film


Production application :

This machine is widely used in :

  • In home
  • In office,
  • In electric component workshop
  • In chemical workshop.
  • In clean workshop
  • In hospital

Technical parameter


material PE,CPE
machine size 1500mm*1500mm*1700mm
output 150-170pcs/min
power 220v/380v
weight 750kg
power consumption 3.5kw
finish products size 400*160mm or customized
material needed Elastic, plastic film.
Machine model GD-400

New Full automatic Indoor Disposable Shoes Cover Making Machine 0


Company profile:


Wenzhou goodplus machinery is a factory for making automatic mechines.
Our mainly products including:
A. Non woven disposable face mask making machine
B. Surgical cap/doctor cap/bouffant cap making machine
C. Non woven shoe cover making machine
D. Plastice shoe cover making machine
E. Packing machine,Labeling machine
F. Disposable plastic products making machine.
These products are using in Hospital,Hotel,Dust free room ect. We have been in this industry more than 20 yeas,we have advanced technology,professinal team and rich experience.
If you have a spare time,we would be very happy to invite you to visit our factory.

Wenzhou goodplus are absolutely your trustworthy partners. Any questions you need are welcome to consult us.



  • Validity of Quotation:

- One Month

 Delivery time:

  • Effected within 30 days from the date of signing the purchase contract and receipt of T/T affected for advance payment.
  • Loading port: Ningbo Port
  • Payment terms :
  • Effect payment by T/T in two installments exactly 30% advance payment and remaining 70% payment before shipment
  • Quality of Goods:
  • 100% brand new
  • Origin of Goods: China.
  • Packing and Marking :
  • Packing: Wooden Pallet Packing
  • Installation, Adjusting & Commissioning:
  • Installation and Adjusting: If required, the seller will dispatch the technician to your country for installation, adjusting the machine and training the workers at your plant. This price is inclusive of the fee of installation and debugging. However the buyer should take on all costs required during our technician’s stay in the buyer’s country, including round airplane tickets, accommodation, and food .


Question Answer
1. How long will your engineer reach our factory? Within one week after machine arrival your factory.
2. How many days will you finish installing? We will finish installation and training within 15days.
3. What should we charge for your engineer? You should charge for the cost of our engineer's visa, air tickets, hotel, food, and also their salary 100USD one day per person.
4. How long is your machine's warranty period? All our machine have one year guarantee, starting from finished installation.
5. How could we do after one year warranty period? We also can do service for you, but you need pay salary for my technician 100USD/day.
6. How could we do if the parts broken within warranty? We would express the free replacement parts during the warranty date.


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